APS Health Solutions is a Revenue Cycle Management Company partnering with medical practices to improve billing solutions and provide relevant analysis for practice growth while allowing the practice to focus on its core business of treating patients.
Ask yourself this Question. . .

As look at my current current billing system…beginning with how I document patient interaction...moving on to the submittal of claims to a 3rd party payer...and finally to the ultimate payment of those claims...if I had to choose one part of the process that concerns me the most...as well as I think things are going for me now...what concern would I put at the top of your list?

The Problem. . .

When I start to inspect how efficiently my current billing process is managing my bottom line, do I come up with more questions than answers? 

The Solution. . .

With APS Health Solutions the overhead and complexities of the billing process belong to us, allowing you to focus on  your core business of treating patients. Quite simply, we are in the business of simplifying healthcare reimbursement.

Partnerships Through Trust and Transparency
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The solution you didn't think you needed - to the problem that you didn't know you had
Simplifying Healthcare Reimbursement