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Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions That Work For Your Practice:

APS Health Solutions that the cost of delivering high quality healthcare continues to rise.  In addition to the rise in costs, the Revenue cycle process has become more complex whether you are in private practice or a multi-specialty group.  Now more than ever, effectively managing your Revenue Cycle is critical to maintaining the viability of your practice as well as the health of your patients.  While APS Health Solutions provides a variety of services, our core business will always be delivering  exceptional Revenue Cycle Management and a strong bottom line for our customers. Quite simply, we are in the business of simplifying healthcare reimbursement.

The parent company for APS Health Solutions has been in business since 1996 and has continued to build a solid and effiective platform for physician revenue reimbursement.  APS Health Solutions will stabilize aging accounts receivables and streamline the billing process, translating into a higher collection ratio for you.  Relying on team members with over 30 years experience in the medical billing field you can count on APS Health Solutions to be unrelenting and uncompromising in our pursuit to streamline and improve your Revenue Cycle Management process and increase your bottom line.

An effective billing program is much more detailed and complex than most offices realize. APS Health Solutions and their staff are EXPERTS in this field and will exercise our years of experience, implement best practices and utilize cutting edge software technology resulting in more consistent payments, and a more robust bottom line.

Food For Thought - Is this happening in your practice?

49.1% of claims are submitted more than 15 days after date of service.

32% of all claims submitted require "manual intervention."

59% of in-house billers do not review Explanation of Benefits (EOB's).

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